I was going to post an update anyways on the XF last night, the topic simply took a more “uplifting” approach. Hey, as the old adage goes, “A Jag that doesnt drip is probably out of fluids.” Whelp, it seems it decided to stop holding coolant so awaaaaay we go!

I’ll tell you all about it once everything is done. The XF is still under warranty until 2019/100,000 miles and currently sitting just shy of 30,000 miles on the odometer (thankfully miles are not on the clock, which is a rampant issue I hear). Kind of hoping for something randomly crazy as long as it’s covered because what’s the point of buying a warranty if you aren’t going to make your money back?!

Here are some quick pictures I took before the XF barfed like an ASU freshman (I just picked a random college for the emotional reaction). Now I understand why British cars are often so attractively designed, if you gotta be towed then at least look good on that pedestal. Cuts a nice figure at Shaq’s eye level. Kinda makes me want an Aston Martin now...


Oh, so ended up with the day off. I ate, took a shit, and went to bed. A perfect day that can only be brought to you by British borkability! Ill give this a 7 out of 10, elbows a bit too pointy but would definitely buy again.