Living in a Hotel

Most of you know I travel for my job. I stay in the same hotel every week, so I bring a lot of stuff along so I can work in the evenings. That’s my personal laptop on the left, my work laptop on the right, a monitor which splits duty as a second screen for my work laptop and as a monitor for the server. Server? Yep. My office retired a couple of servers, so I nabbed them for testing.

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On the far right is the TV which stays on while I’m here to provide some background noise to help drown out the nearby freeway. I already migrated all of my old VMs to the new server back at the home office, so I’ll probably retire the two old servers permanently. Maybe I can talk them into letting me take them home. They’re overkill for most things, but I could see one being a file server/media server and the other being a game server for the kids. Our old desktop is just too old to support more than a couple of players in Minecraft.

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