When I say these articles from yesterday “got me thinking” I don’t mean that in anything even remotely resembling a positive way.


I think we all need to take a step back here and think about the situation.

These are terrible ideas.

Is there a chance that everything would be fine? Yes, but things will only be fine as long as nothing goes wrong.

And by “nothing” I don’t mean “as long as his transmission holds up.”

What I mean is that many things in life have a certain amount of safety buffer built in. It’s the reason we have speed limits. School zones. Tow ratings.


We talk all the time about how a given car handles “at the limit,” so I think we all know what “at the limit” means. It means you’re holding nothing back - that there’s nothing left in reserve.

And no one should drive at the limit on the street.

Even if there were no cops, I’d argue none of us think it’s a good idea to be driving “at the limit” past an elementary school in the morning.


Even on the most deserted, arrow straight road far from the watchful eye of the local highway patrol I’d bet most of us have that moment where we realize something as small as a jackrabbit wandering onto the highway would have catastrophic results - and we pull back.


And that’s what both of these situations represent.


Pulling a setup weighing more than the tow vehicle, compounded by a tow vehicle with a compromised contact patch, ground clearance, and suspension doesn’t mean that anything bad is going to happen. But the first person who pulls out in front of you will be the last one, too.

And I don’t even know where to start with the whole driving a car with a welded diff on the street. There’s no more “normal” in this situation. You’ve dramatically - and permanently - lowered the limit so you can have the kind of fun that puts you and others at risk 100% of the time.


In both of these situations there’s no more margin of safety.

When shit happens - and it will happen sooner or later - it will end worse and also have a higher chance of collateral damage.


On the face of it this seems “fun” and seems like a “jalop” thing to do.

But you know what’s a MORE jalop thing to do?

Do it right.

Don’t endanger other people.

Be responsible.

Have your fun in a “controlled” environment. 

You need to remember that even if you have a burning need to live life at the limit (and are willing to accept the consequences of that choice), the mom with three kids next to you in the minivan - or the guy on the other side in the irreplaceable Porsche 356 - likely aren’t excited about the level of risk you’re offloading on them.


You’re a real car guy or gal? Then recognize when your vehicle isn’t up to the task or isn’t road worthy and take steps to properly sort it out.

You want to drift but still drive on the street? Save up and get an LSD.

You need a tow vehicle but only have a stanced passenger car? Save up and buy a pickup. 


You want to do some other stupid, cheap shortcut of a thing that deep down you know you shouldn’t do? Then don’t.

This is exactly what gives “car guys” a bad name (and is also the kind of stupid shit “car girls” are generally smart enough to avoid - and avoid the bad name associated with it).


We are Jalops. We should be better than cheap shortcuts.