Thursday marks the beginning of the Chicago Auto Show. What's that you say? I thought it didn't open to the public until Saturday? Right you are my friend.

A friend of mine from college who happens to work for a major German auto manufacturer here in the US offered to get me a pass to the show. I graciously accepted, and when he sent it along I noticed that I am getting in Thursday, the day the show kicks off for the press!

I plan to document the largess of the whole thing and expose those who would profit from the system!

Nah, just kidding. I will try to come up with a post with some decent pictures and a quick take on what the show is like during a press day. Expect a full review of the buffet, a run down on what sort of beer was available and some car stuff, too, I guess.

Is anyone else going to be there Thursday? Anyone have burning questions about the privileged life of an autojourno that they would like an outsider to investigate?