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Living with an FZJ80, Week 1 (Project Update #2)

Hello again OPPO! Been a while, haven't had much time to post; so I figured I'd write an update on my FZJ80. Good news, it's on the road! Was registered Monday, thanks to my father (I have ZERO time, he went to the RMV for me), and I've been driving it since.

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(Last night getting the Christmas tree, first time using an SUV/Truck for SUV/Truck things)

It's been a little bit of a trial period this week; seeing what issues pop up, and seeing if things we thought we fixed aren't fixed. Bad news, exhaust leak is getting worse so I need new pipes (specifically the ones coming down from the manifolds before the tandem cats). Good news is, pretty much everything else is working as it should; including a sunroof leak that miraculously disappeared after we replaced the alternator. I mean hell, this SUV with 176K on it has less squeaks and rattles than my (4 years) newer mustang with 100k less miles. Though I'm not sure if that's either a testament to Old Toyota build quality, or a knock against 90s Ford plastics. Honestly, probably a little of both.

Still have some little things to sort out, it's been throwing an intermittent EGR system CEL (the light will come on and clear itself), some speakers are blown (to be expected on originals that are 20 years old with this much mileage), and I still have to source a driver's side rear mud guard; but overall I'm loving this thing. It has so much character I don't even care about the gas mileage.

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(also, i was given the original key! and a questionably original key fob...)

As always, thanks for reading! I'm off to make an account on ih8mud at the nearest opportunity...

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