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LNO Theater - Dale Earnhardt

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For the past two weeks we've been watching F1/europe centric movies here on the LNO Theater but not any more. With it having been Veteran's day yesterday, I figure we've had enough of this namby-pamby, wine at lunch/warm bear drinking, cheese eatin', France havin', European surrender monkeys.


Tonight's showing is The Dale's 'HOF' biopic and is about as 'merican as it can get (a few other Dale pics afterwards — if you want to get your fill). Plus it's narrated by one of the most famous Jalops out there: Brian Williams.

On that note, getcha popcorn and turn your phones on vibrate. Turn down the lights and turn up the volume! Welcome to the LNO Theater. Enjoy:

P.S. Suck it, Europe (picture in comments for formatting purposes)!

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