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Load Times or: How I Learned to Stop Waiting and Love the Adblock

With Adblock Plus running this is what the Jalopnik FP looks like for me. I use Adblock primarily just so I can delete website panels I don’t like. The load time from a Chrome new tab is 1.63 seconds averaged over 5 tests.

Note the lack of general clutter

Without Ablock Plus running this is what the Jalopnik FP looks like. Much more cluttered and crawling with scrolling panels, gifs, timed ads, etc. Load time averaged over 5 tests is 6.60 seconds.

Just too much clutter for the site to look good

My internet is fairly fast so I’m lucky with how quickly everything loads. I know Jalopnik runs off ad revenue, but the difference in page appearance as well as load times and general convenience makes running Adblock the best choice.

This is slower than usual. Most of the time my download speed hovers around 150-200 Mbps

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