The Volvo is in for service and now being 21 y/o, my local dealer allows me to have a loaner. That being said, they will not let me have a Volvo, but rather a Toyota from their Toyota Department.

I made sure to drop my car as early as possible, in order to have some choices loaner cars. In a room of people waiting to be assigned a loaner, I am called up and given my loaner.

What Toyota Model would you give your youngest renter thats waiting for a car?

A 2014 Sienna LE. That's right - in a room with plenty of people with children, they give the 21 y/o the minivan. I had it for a day until the dealer called me to tell me my car wasn't ready, as it should have been. I asked for a different rental because this was too big. They agreed.

As for the Sienna, it was really comfortable and actually relatively quick. For the day I had it, I got a lot of stuff done - I went and bought some plants, and groceries. With all that crap, I still had space for when I picked up my imaginary children from school.

Anyway, this is what I got in replacement of the Sienna:


2014 Toyota Corolla LE. Black Sand Pearl over Amber Cloth w/ 3500 on the ODO.

When I got the Corolla as the replacement, I was actually kind of happy - I $hit on these so much, yet I've never driven one.

- This thing is a tremendous value. This one stickers at $18,110. For that, I get a new Toyota w/ Xenon Lights, backup camera, touch screen entune interface (that does more than my father's 2013 Audi A6 MMI Interface), power everything, usb jack, Bluetooth and Bluetooth streaming.


- The dash is actually pretty attractive for the price.

- The backseat is larger than that in my Volvo S60.

- The CVT doesn't drone on like that of Nissan's.

- 35MPG without even trying.



- This is quite possibly the most forgettable driving experience I have ever encountered. I never really understood how people fell asleep behind the wheel until now.

- I'd honestly say I'm more embarrassed driving this than the Sienna. The Sienna is a decent minivan. This just shows that I don't give a flying f*** about cars and I'm probably not good with driving them either.


- Build Quality can be shoddy in some areas. Note the steering column. I feel like I shouldn't be able to see what I can see.

Overall, it's not a bad car. I can see why people who don't care buy them, because I have trouble finding many faults with it. It's just such a mediocrity and so inoffensive. I guess that's what's wrong with it.