Loaner Car Roulette : Looooooongroof Edition

Loaner Car Roulette: We all love to play it, sometimes it’s with a rental, sometimes it’s with a dealer loaner car. Today for me, it’s a dealer loaner car.

I took my 10' XF in this morning for its scheduled service and I was fully expecting to get another base Discovery or possibly a base XE. The dealer generally loans out base or near base vehicles, and they are just “fine”. Nothing fancy, but not horrible. I was fully expecting another of the same. I’ve gotten 2.0t XF’s, F-Pace diesel’s and a whole plethora of 2.0t Discoveries and Evoque’s.

Today, I won.

The loaner clerk started listing off what they had, in his typical spaced out manor; “We have uhh... an F-Pace’s, uhh XF, umm Discovery.. and uhh.. Sportbrake.. umm”. The moment he said that I said a bit too enthusiastically “STOP!” .. “That, give me that!” He looked at me like I had just had a stroke. “..Kay..”


So here she is, a 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S AWD, 3.0 Supercharged in gorgeous Rosello Red over an Ebony/Light Oyster interior.

She’s pretty well optioned, HUD, full technology and safety package (lane keep, departure warning, pano-roof, etc.)

I’ve had this car about 3 hours and only put about 20 miles on it, but I’m in love. I want this car, I want this car bad. I can’t stop looking at it sitting in the parking lot here at work. This isn’t good.

Photo: Rosello Red is a stunning color.

So here’s your chance. I’ll probably have this for a couple days, so if you have any questions just let me know and I’ll try and answer them all. More photos and a possibly review coming later.

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