Loaner Review: Audi SQ5

So I have to take the S3 to the dealer for the annual service and take care of a weird issue (turned out to be a busted thermostat, warranty replacement, yay!) So I got this for my loaner.

The SQ5 feels like a tank. It is heavy. The steering can be set to heavy. The doors are decently weighted. The entire car feels as solid as a vault.


Highway driving is where it excels. It gobbles up miles without any complaint and the ride is reasonably smooth even with the suspension tuned on the sportiest setting. In fact the car feels slower than it is.

There are plenty of toys in my loaner. Virtual Cockpit, 360 camera, and head up display. Missing though is ventilated seats, which is only available if you order it with regular seat with black leather. Look Audi, I don’t know how it feels in Germany in a heat wave, but I live in Florida, where it is hot as fuck and ventilated seats should be available. Why is ventilated seat only an option if you order a black interior, a color that makes the car HOTTER?!? The loaner has red seats, which is pleasant but not my favorite. The Nappa leather is soft enough, but i want cold air blowing up my arse, dammit. The B&O stereo is good.


AMA if you have any questions.

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