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Loaner Review - Cadillac XT5

So my ATS was in the dealer for a CUE fix and for me to bamboozle them into rotating my tires for free due to excessive wear (caused by excessive auto crossing). My loaner was an XT5.

I’ll start by saying that I’m not a big fan of crossovers, particularly small crossovers with only 2 rows. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by the XT5.

First, the styling, which is totally subjective, but I think it’s a really good looking crossover. It looks better in person than it does in pictures. In my opinion, most crossovers look exactly the same these days so it’s nice to see something at least a little different.


From the interior, the dash layout is nice, the materials are pretty nice (I think this was a “base” model.” Soft touch materials and what feels like real leather abound. The gauges are much better than my ATS. The shifter is certainly “classy” looking, but annoying to operate before you get used to it.


My big complaint about the interior is the lack of cupholders. The whole point of a crossover is ostensibly for more utility and family hauling abilities than a sedan. With family comes children. With children, comes cups, and other needs for random storage. My wife’s Acadia has no fewer than 8 cupholders, and they are large and useful. The XT5 only has 4, 2 of which are up front and are tiny, the other two are in the arm rest in the back seat, which I’m fairly confident wouldn’t fold down with a car seat installed.

Also, CUE is much improved over my ATS and is no longer a massive pain that makes you sometimes regret your choice of automobile.


So how does it drive?

The answer is “good.” And not just good for a crossover. The steering is responsive, the car immediately responds to inputs (not at ATS levels, but certainly better than my 2011 Camaro and my wife’s Acadia), the brakes are excellent. It’s hard to describe, but the XT5 has a great, solid - yet light on its feet, poised feel to it. It’s certainly the best driving SUV I’ve ever driven.


How is the power?

Once again, pretty good. My loaner had the 3.6 v-6. Good power band, more than adequate power, fairly smooth delivery. All good.


My one complaint is the start/stop system. I’ve never driven a car with a start/stop and I absolutely hated this one. It was “seam full” meaning, the opposite of “seamless” or perhaps “full of seams” would be a better word. Regardless, for a luxury car, it was clunky, not smooth, and somewhat jarring.

Overall Opinion:

When my kid get a little older and my wife is ready to look at a new crossover, we will definitely give the XT5 a good look.

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