Dropped the 6 off for replacement of the loose chrome trim on the trunk (under warranty, of course) and the dealer sent me home in a 2017 Kia Sportage FE.

The 40 mile drive home was pretty uneventful. It’s decently peppy (not dog slow like the 1.6 equipped Kia Soul we got from them in the past), has great brakes, and averaged 28.5 MPG.

Pros: Decent fuel economy, aforementioned good brakes, the SiriusXM is still active, decent power (what you’d expect from a four-cylinder CUV), good build quality (or so it seems), and incredibly easy to sync Bluetooth.


Cons: Visibility is meh out the rear due to the sloping roof. The stereo sounds like an old AM/FM clock radio on a bedside table. Not the most comfy seats in the world, but not the worst, either.

My 6 has Bose speakers (which I’ve always heard are terrible) but apparently they’ve spoiled me because the radio in this Kia is laughable as far as sound quality. No amount of fiddling with the audio settings made a noticeable difference, either. Oh well.

TL;DR: If you want a cheap CUV, the Sportage might work.


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