Wife’s Yaris was making bad noises this morning, and at first glance, appeared to be an anomaly. Pulled the wheel, and the outside surface of the disc was gorgeous, tons of pad left. Inside however, ugh. Related: after digging about, I found that the minimum thickness is 19mm. However, what I have not been able to find is the thickness per side. The one side is perfect, no wear whatsoever, so all of it will have to come off the backside.

also related, this is the way it came from the factory, the first time I have had the brakes off. The pins are great, some of the grease was even still that cloudy yellow of brand new. Seals around the piston look good, and so I am


surprised at the extreme uneven wear. Any thoughts? Piston is what I am thinking, I just don’t see it.

Updates. Well, for about $100, I got new pads, rotors, brake fluid, and a can of brake kleen. Turns out the Woodbridge Pepboys will turn rotors, but it was around 15 or so, if I recall correctly. I just went ahead and replaced everything.