Because of who I am as a person, I spend a lot of time on Craigslist looking at stuff I could buy but probably shouldn’t. I figured I’d share some of the more interesting (or at least well priced) deals I found.

First up is a 1947 Studebaker Champion coupe, or as our lovely Craigslister puts it a “1947 Studebaker Rare Coupe”. This baby rocks just over 40k miles, a manual transmission, and honestly looks to be in excellent shape, despite having been “sitting for a few years.” Price comes in at $7,900 “FIRM” but I have my doubts. Regardless, to my uninformed butt it seems like a good price.

Next up is a little different. A 2002 Honda Civic Si 3-door hatch. All the pictures were taken with a wide angle lens for reasons I don’t fully understand. Despite the need of new brakes and a new clutch, the asking price of $2k seems OK, if a little dear. I can’t imagine a Honda is particularly easy to drop a clutch into.


Speaking of Honda and bad photos, there is this thing: A 1979 Honda Civic CVCC. Oddly this one popped up on my radar back in early May, when the seller was asking for $5,000 “FIRM”. Now, almost four months later, the price is $3,900 “pretty firm” (hey, we all get softer as we age) which is closer to reasonable. Still, this one is what I would call a patina car, with 40 years of accumulated dings, scratches, and wear showing despite the seller’s apparent use of a Holga to take the pictures. Of the cars I’ve looked at recently, this one gives me the most WANT, but the dings, bad photos, unmotivated seller, lack of AC, and color have kept me for doing anything about it.

I have a mild obsession with buying a diesel, manual, vintage mercedes and WOULDN’T YOU KNOW, one just popped up! This is a 1981 240D with a 5-speed manual. Unfortunately this one comes with 500,000 miles and the wear and tear to prove it. Honestly the interior looks great and allegedly the engine was rebuilt about 200,000 miles ago, so that... means it is due again? Cool car, but for $3000 with inop... a lot of things I think it is a pass.


Last one isn’t a car at all, but it is a Peugeot! While trolling for donor bikes for the 2nd two-stroke bike build I came across this guy: a vintage Peugeot road bike. For the asking price of $100 I’m honestly pretty tempted, though unsure what I would actually like... do with it.


And that’s all I’ve got!  Anyone see something they like?  Or perhaps doing your own CL trolling?