For movie night, my roommate just happened to pick a film mentioned by Jeremy Clarkson as one of his favorites in the Argentina Special: Local Hero. I was finally able to see it, and found it a gloriously immersive 80s Scottish village slice-of-life.

To my surprise, it featured a young Peter Capaldi in it (uttering nary an f-bomb!) as well as Burt Lancaster as a highly eccentric Houston-based oil tycoon with a ridiculous collection of high-tech (for the 80s) toys (kind of a proto-Bert Cooper). Peter Riegert also does good work in the ostensible lead role.

Cars-wise it’s a little thin, but it opens with a Porsche 930, there’s a Ford Cortina, and a stately Lincoln limo with a matte paint job.

The film also avoids the usual “town has to stand up to The Man” tropes that often befall such films. Watch it if you haven’t, especially if you enjoyed Last of the Summer Wine.