When I was in high school, with the people I knew, X, Black Flag, and Fear were like the Beatles, the Stones, and the Who. They were larger than life to me, and felt HUGE. When I left SoCal for college in Colorado, I found almost no one who knew these bands. It stunned me that they were local legends, a thing that may not exist anymore

Black Flag was better before Rollins. The 1984 live album with Rollins is remarkable, but it is the old songs. The more of a role he had, the worse it got. My best friend I elementary school lived 5 blocks from the Ginn family. When we fished for opal eye off the pier, we went to the bait shop owned by Keith Morris’ dad.

I wonder if it is possible for such a movement to happen again.

I grew up a mile from where Oingo Boingo started in Redondo Beach, and about 5 miles from where Greg Ginn’s family lived. For us, Boingo was a major band, and they sold out venues like Irvine Meadows and the Greek for Halloween and New Year’s Eve. It stunned me to discover how little-known they were outside Southern California.

I saw them 7 times in high school, and they were amazing live. (I have seen a lot of bands.) Although the style is different from the punk I loved , I cannot think of the music of my youth without Boingo.

I still believe they were one of the greatest rock bands of all time, but most know Danny Elfman from movie soundtracks. They were awesome. If you have not heard them, check out Boingo Alive.


Who are the local legends of your youth?