local new production car show

Some thoughts, no pictures sorry.

#1 Focus RS has some horrible seats. Straight up garbage. I understand side bolstering but as a relatively thin 6'1" guy I couldn’t fit all the way back in. I know that the reviewers all complain about this but not to the extent that I experienced. Speaking of which:

#2 Civic type R: these seats are better, but considering they are cloth the drivers side (bolstering) is going to wear out super fast, says me. Not impressed overall. rear legroom sucked, just seemed kinda tame underneath with the overdone exterior. Sorry various honda fanboys.


#3 370z drew a crowd, even though I know nobody buys them. Still a headscratcher.

#4 We are go on a tacoma TRD sport. Very impressed. + the hoodscoop and the manual make me feel less bad about buying a truck, as stupid as that may be.

#5 Jaguar seems very boring compared to bmws and mercedes benzes. very un-jaguar like. snore.

#6 Hot damn I still want a challenger, even though it is objectively the worst modern muscle car. I can feel an SRT 392 shaker calling my name. RIP hopes and dreams. Compared to the stang and the camaro it is the only car with presence and character. I am usually a ford fanboy these days but damn.


#7 New jeep is nice. It just is.

#8 Doug Demuro has officially ruined the G wagon for me. I can’t unsee the exposed fasteners.


#9 Ferrari graced us with their presence this year. It didn’t draw nearly the crowd you would have assumed (especially compared to the small display from a local exotic dealership) Which made me happy in so many ways.

#10 No cadillac. WTF.

#11 I want a triumph again. they had a version of the street scrambler that made my heart skip a couple of beats. Some reason they look so much better in person.


#12 RIP mitsubishi

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