Local Shops

So working at a dealership parts department, I get to know the shops around the county (especially being the only Subaru dealer within 150 miles). Anyway, some of the guys at the shops you get to know. It is neat though because I was a delivery driver before working myself up to getting at the front counter, because I got to see the shops and meet the people. Some of them do come in, but the other two guys I work with never got to see that part of thing. So Wednesday evening I am on the phone looking up parts for a local shop and we are chatting about stuff when I hear him yell in the background about picking up some beer. I tell him I would love some beer, Oktoberfest if you could (joking of course). He tells me sure and says see you tomorrow. Well he came by yesterday to pick up parts and I asked where my beer was and he said at his shop. I assumed then he was also joking. Which is fine, I would never have expected it. So today I am going about my day and there he is to pick up parts and bam, a six pack of Sam Adams Oktoberfest!!! So cool, I love this job. It can be frustrating sometimes, but other times it can be great.


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