...and I shall name it....toenail, wait! Taco, after the Toyota Tacoma! That is a much better name! [sorry for the poor pics]

And as I was writing this post, a few familiar faces appeared. The two tabbys I named Miata and Fiero, cuz they are so small. Didn't name the grey one yet, I'm thinking...MR2 should be appropriate.

They walked closer to the house too.


I know the cats are nearby because Zeta, the amazingly loud dog she is, always 'informs' me of an intruder. That or she wants to eat the cats. I don't speak dog.

We had a massive possum come by the house once, I named it Sparkles to irritate my wife. And every once in a while, when I'm bored, I look at her sadly and say " I miss Sparkles". She doesn't find it funny.