It was bound to happen eventually. Last night when I got home, I threw my keys in the cup holder. I planned to work on putting my CB in, so I was going to move it again. Before you say I'm lucky no one stole it, it's a small town, it's always in my sight or close to it, and if they want it that bad might as well reduce damage they'll make. Well, I never got around to the radio. When I went out to do my chores, I took the antenna off the roof so I can mess with it later. For some reason, I locked my drivers door. The passenger door was already locked. Since I have manual locks and I don't touch that door after school, it of course was like that since 8 AM yesterday. So I wake up this morning and realize hey thats where my keys are. I tried to open the back window but couldn't figure out. I know I definitely will learn how to open it now. Yes, there is a spare set of keys. For some reason, they are in my dad's truck, which was 30 miles away.

So I guess I get to drive my least favorite of our vehicles, the Escape. Blue gets to take a break today. Mom's going to get my spare keys, and they aren't staying in the Silverado anymore. Lesson learned.

TLDR: We're all human. We have to stay humble somehow.