Originally designed as an airliner, the Lockheed Vega was one of the great planes of the Golden Age of Aviation in the 192os and 1930s, renowned for its speed and range. It was the preferred aircraft for record setters of the era, and swept the speed category in the 1932 National Air Races in Cleveland. Amelia Earhart flew a modified Vega on her solo flight across the Atlantic in 1932, and Wiley Post took his Vega Winnie Mae around the world twice, the second time on a solo flight, and set a record time for fixed-wing circumnavigation of just 7 days. He also flew his Vega to 50,000 feet while developing the first practical pressure suit for pilots. You can read more about this amazing aircraft in July 5th’s This Date in Aviation History post.

Wiley Post with “Winnie Mae” at Floyd Bennet Field in New York
Post and his navigator Harold Gatty, separated by a huge fuel tank
Amelia Earhart in Ireland after her transatlantic flight