Logitech G27 versus Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP

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Sim-driving Jalops, I was wondering about some wheel advice. I currently have a Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP wheel, which is over 10 years old. I've had to replace its power supply with one that my dad cobbled together, but now the connection is getting patchy, and will cut out if the wire moves. It works fine with Simraceway, but has no force feedback in Dirt 3. Other complaints are are awkwardly buttons and shifter buttons, lack of precision, limited rotation (180° total), and large gear backlash, especially on-center. The force feedback is also fairly notchy, but I assume that's down to the wheel's age.


For its replacement, I am considering a new Logitech G27 for $230. I looked at some wheels recently in the store, and was impressed by its high-quality construction and inclusion of clutch and h-gate shifter. I was admittedly somewhat less impressed by its price compared to the Logitech DFGT and Thrustmaster RGT they also had.

As you can probably guess from my use of a 10-year-old wheel and Simraceway, I'm fairly frugal, and like to make things last. A warranty also appeals to me, so I would prefer to buy new. My big question is whether this wheel would provide the improvements I need. I want something more precise, more comfortable, and with smoother ffb for the least money. From what I've read, it also seems like I should be looking at a used G25. Any thoughts or recommendations?


Here's an endurance historic race at Spa for making it this far.

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