Logitech Wheel Failure

For various reasons, in nearly 2 years I’ve only racked up about 19 hours on the racing sim I built. This evening I sought to change that, since I finally have a computer that can run Assetto Corsa acceptably, a monitor to use, and some semblance of free time (until Sunday at least).

By the second lap of Spa my wheel was 45 degrees to the left; by eau rouge on lap 3 it had slipped 90 degrees. (As it got worse it reminded me of some cars I’ve driven, wheel way off to the side to go straight...)

Some internetting says this is “something that happens after a while” where the encoder wheel is loose or cracked and turns on the shaft, and is something that the G27 does has always done. Much like the MASSIVE dead-spot in the force feedback on-center, this “common” issue somehow eluded me when wheel-shopping or I’d have not even considered spending the price of this wheel/etc for it.


For the cost of one of these wheels new (which mine was purchased new and like I said has under 20 hours on it) how does anyone find it acceptable that these just break? It’s absolutely absurd.

I can’t afford to just go get a different wheel/shifter/pedals setup so I’ll probably be tearing into it to try and anchor the encoder wheel until I can replace it (with something absolutely not made by Logitech).

If you’re in the market for a racing wheel, buy something else (unless you’re prepping for 24h of LeMons, then maybe the drifting alignment would be helpful?).

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