So I managed to find this Russian dude who made red Logo door cards, and with the new door, I have an extra door card to mess around with that doesn’t color match anyway. This is why I won’t be doing it in red. It’s too much. So what I’m going to do instead? I need your help to decide:

Remember, the idea here is that I’m trying to think of a “Logo Type-R” concept interior. I have a DC2 ITR steering wheel, DC5 seats, and an EP3 carpet. I’m not duplicating any of the Type Rs exactly, it would be impossible anyway.

There are two options I am considering: wrapping the entire door card in black/dark gray vinyl with a triangular sort of red mesh fabric insert above and/or somewhat including the arm rest like the DC5/Ep3...

Or wrapping the entire door card in black/dark gray vinyle and the arm rest with the same kind of red mesh fabric like the EK9:


Here is the current interior for reference:






So... what does oppo think?