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Yeah, okay Jag. “The car everyone dreams of. But very, very few can ever own.” holy crap I’m dying. Kinda wondering how a 280hp engine hauls 4000lbs to 60 in under 7 seconds. That’s impressive. Mine certainly does not do that. Maybe 7.5 seconds. Maybe. And I’m gear-limited to 125mph at the moment. Ugh.

Later this week: removing the fuel tank to chase down a fuel smell in the trunk, removing the seats, removing the floors, and welding in the new ones. Possibly also aligning the doors. Once all that is done the Jag should be far closer to the original “level of silence.. that will astonish and delight you” instead of the current “rock concert in the middle of a hurricane” situation from the 1/2" gap at the bottom of the doors and the big holes in the floor.


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