I live in Virginia. It's currently snowing and there's about 5-8 inches of snow and it's not supposed to stop until 6 or 7pm.

My dad just went out the door with some ball hitch/hook and about a hundred feet of military grade bright yellow rope.

"Where you going dad?"

"Oh, you know, gonna tow some people out of the snow in the neighborhood."

"Oh, ok! See ya."

My dad does not drive a Chevy 2500HD. He does not have a Subaru WRX. He does not have an F-150 or F-250. No my dad drives these "more attractive sister" to the Nissan Titan/Armada. cough cough Patrol. This plump, 20-inch wheel, chrome-lined bucket that is our family car. That, and we traded in our 2007 QX56.

And I've seen him tow people before. It's surprisingly effective and hilarious. He even hauls around firewood and pulls halves of fallen trees.

If only the front grille had a more utilitarian form so we could put in a plow.

See my parents wanted something safe Asian and four wheel drive and seats all 7 of us. There were clearly cheaper options. I think my parents wanted to reward themselves.


Only downside is that the build quality on this is very Nissan. Very, very Nissan. The door seals are all coming out and this car is barely four years old. We got the transmission replaced once for free because the awkward 7-speed Nylon gearbox was defective. The clock on the center dash retracted like a mole hiding from forgotten sunlight, and the center USB decided to die.


This isn't the QX80. No it's the 56! Yes the first of this body style. So that 5.6L V8 whispers "I'm A TITAN! Please fix my airflow." from inside. The Canadian-Japanese American people hauler cruises on, towing stuck FWD RX300s from the ditches around our neighborhood.

Jokes aside, this is as truck as a full size SUV can get on a "JDM" platform.

This car is fun.

Shoutout to my dad for treating it like and calling it "a truck."

Something to do with him growing up in Alabama with his dad's Taskmaster...







The irony is that when our 2007 Qx56 got stuck in a ravine downhill during a rainstorm, we used my mom's old 2006 Acura YD2 MDX to pull it out (since sold.)


I'm not sure how that was possible or even safe. The MDX is an equally surprising beast.

My dad is madman.