LOL Dealer Promise: 2004 W12 Phaeton

Nice, Black W-12 , less than 55,000 miles - One owner


Uhhh..soo pretty...myyy preeeecccioussss..

It’s was all good until I just spit my coffee all over at the bottom of the description:

Quote of the Day:

“This Phaeton will save you money by keeping you on the road and out of the mechanic’s garage”

EPIC LOL! - As amazeballs as this one is, and if I didn’t already have one, I would’ve perhaps been insane enough to buy it, but the dealer is certainly promising you too much. I guarantee it!

Let me fix it:

“This Phaeton will save you GAS money by keeping you on away from the road and in the mechanic’s garage”

What should the promise be?

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