Not sure if all manual fox bodies are like this or if this is just because I have an SN95 trans in a Fox but after removing the center console you have to cut and bend the trans tunnel out of the way to get to the forward bolts holding the shifter in.

No wonder the Jaguar is 4000lbs and far, far stiffer than the Jaguar Mustang. The trans tunnel alone is an easy 4 times as thick as this tin can nonsense. There’s a difference between a luxury GT car and an affordable sports coupe? No way.

As expected, the reason for my unreasonably sloppy shifter and occasional rattle was the shifter bushing having slipped out of place *somehow* and raddling around the tower. Neat.


The old bushing wasn’t super worn but the new one fit far more snug into the transmission. Michaela watched me take it all apart so she slapped it all back together while I went inside to take a poo. When I came back out four and a half hours later she was amazed at how improved the shifter feel was, as was I. It wasn’t on the level of a 6 speed Miata, and nowhere near as nice as a 5 speed, but it was definitely improved over what it was. Yay!