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Lol, really?

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Short story after the jump.

I live in the middle of a mountianous rural region. Most peaple invest in a lift kit and burly tires/rims. It is uncommon to see bro trucks that arnt dirty and being properly used.


So Im selling a quad on craigslist, I direct a buyer to the bottom of my dirt road and lead him about 1 mile out. We stop at the quad he wants to buy he gets out and with a confused expresion he says,”You drive up that?!..Everyday??!”I replied

,”Yeah I drive a Civic up that.”


“C’mon you have at least a 3in lift, it isnt That bad.”

“Mumble mumble rough road mumble”

Sold the quad just fine, but this is the second time that someone in a lifted 4x4 has exclaimed about how bad this road is. The road is bad, but someone in a ProComp 4-6in lifted z71 on mud tires shouldnt be suprised by.....road his suspension was designed for. Im slowly loosing faith in humanity.

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