I knew this would happen sooner or later, but it has indeed finally happened: the 135 and I have gotten our first taste of BMW Service pricing lolz.

It developed a misfire/slight stumbling last week (two weeks after I bought the car, yay). I thought it might be the high-pressure fuel pump because it had briefly gone into limp mode and was running incredibly rough (apparently I6s don't like misfires; my Mustang barely skipped a beat if it dropped a cylinder). Because the HPFP is covered by an extended warranty, I took it into the local BMW dealer on the chance that it would get taken care of for free.


Well, the dealer just called, and it wasn't the HPFP, but it was the #5 coil-pack and spark plug. What did they want to replace just those?


How much to replace all of the coil packs and spark plugs? $800+. LOLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (except slightly less hilarious than $550 for one cylinder)


OEM spark plug is $20, coil pack is $50. Not difficult work, although that #5 cylinder may be a bit of a pain to get to being at the back of the bay.

The only negative here is that I'm going to have to pay $180 for BMW's diag fee. I'm annoyed at myself for not having at least run by Autozone and having a scan done before I took it over, but I've been swamped with work recently and was being lazy (BMW dealer is right around the corner from my office).


On the plus side, I've been using the Alfa as my daily again for the past two days, and it's been a joyus occasion, aside from the lack of A/C and 104* weather. Driving an old car again makes me wonder how long I'll really hold on to the 135. It's nice and it's quick, but between the fact that I don't feel right in a modern BMW and I hate having a car payment, I may bail out in 6 months or so, buy a comfortable cash beater, and throw some money at the Alfa. And then maybe buy a 944, because I'm a sadist.

Whoa, long post.

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