"I have a few small things to do, sooo I'll get going on those"

Disclaimer: I work as a technologist for a city.. so this just feeds the city worker stereotype

My week at work has been slow to say the least. I'm essentially the bottom of the totem pole: a fresh college grad working on my 3rd four month contract (did 2 four month co-ops in varying positions here too), the only people below me are co-op students. So it isn't really up to me to create my own work. My supervisor, manager, director, and whoever else needs to feed me with work.
My biggest problem is that I typically get given work tasks one at a time as I go. I complete something, submit it, and get another job. I hate that, I have expressed how I would enjoy a pile of things on my desk and my email inbox flooded with things to do.
On top of that, my position was once a co-op placement, a glorified one that was apparently "over whelming" for students. Not to toot my own horn, but it seems like my manager is used to a student taking all day (literally) to complete something that I can have finished in an hour. So that doesn't help my work load, or lack there of.
The only upside is that when this went from a co-op placement to a full time contract position the wage jumped a grid or two on the pay scale.

Just now I went to my manager looking for work, she had nadda, I 'jokingly' offered to go grab her a coffee.. I was actually serious though.
She said she would look for something for me and I didn't want it to be awkward and give the impression that my day at the office is a useless waste of time, so I said "I have a few small things to do, sooo I'll get going on those."
If I had a few small things to do I would have done them yesterday at 1:00pm when I ran out of work. So the "small things" I was referring to is Oppo.

I'll go back to hitting refresh on Oppo and the FP...