Umm, yeah, there's more to the context menu than just saving and printing.

I wasn't even attempting to "Save image as", I wanted to "Search Google for this image" in order to find a better quality version than what is on your shitty website.

You're going to sic lawyers after people who are using a third party's product as it was intended? Good luck with that.

EDIT: I just realized that many of the images on the page linked above are, by his own admission, scanned from books. He has no rights to them. He cites the book and the photographer, but that's no different than if I were to republish them here myself and cite said book & photog. Others are obviously from magazines yet are not attributed to anyone. This image even has "© COPYRIGHT 1987 BIGFOOT 4X4 INC" and "Photo by Four Wheel and Off Road" clearly* printed right on it.


* You may note that his own watermark, added to all the images, is mostly illegible.