Although American's just celebrated their thanksgiving, Canada's was over a month ago. I didn't really think of what I was thankful for then. But I thought of it now! I am thankful that I can walk.

This isn't really car related, but last year I suffered a pretty serious accident playing football. It was so serious in fact, I had to be removed from the playing field by a stretcher, spent 2 hours in the hospital, and wasn't able to walk on my own power for over 3 weeks and then went through 6 months of physiotherapy, which soon will be followed by surgery, and then even more physiotherapy.

Yes indeed Oppo, I dislocated my knee very severely. I don't recommend it. It was extremely painful.

Luckily I had my great girlfriend to take care of me. This was a week before canadian thanksgiving, so I spent the holiday on crutches. This year, my leg is better to the point where I can perform most normal day to day functions. What a blessing that is Oppo, I have a lot to be thankful for!