So I've made an executive decision to attend the 2014 Long Beach Grand Prix to check out the IndyCars and USCR this coming 2014. Now last time I went to the grand prix I was about 6 years old and getting around on my dad's shoulders so I don't remember squat about getting to the event but I sure remember those lovely turbo Champ Car howls and thundering Trans Am cars. I'm really excited to be back after 18 years but would like some suggestions on trip planning. Hotels in the area? Best airport to fly into? Transport options to get around? Don't think I'll be renting a car so I'll probably rely on public transit to get around. Last time I lived in the LA area though I was about 8 years old so I have no idea as far as getting around goes. So any suggestions or tips Opponauts? Any Jalops meeting up for this event? Thanks in advance!