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Long commute! I drove 3 cars to get to work today.

Last night I dropped off my wife's Passat Wagon at the bodyshop again. Something's real funky in the suspension. Took out the MG this morning and dropped off my daughter at school. Stopped by the bodyshop to hand them the keys and he insisted we go for a drive so I could show him the problem. Fine, I like that... except it only happens in a higher speed left turn, which means a highway onramp or offramp, and it's 8 AM, so all the roads suck. So we go test drive, I demonstrate the very weird problem, explain how to duplicate it, finally back to my MG and off to work. I don't like how the brakes feel, it's probably low on brake fluid again so I go home and switch cars. Took the '73 Buick to work, old reliable. I wanted the MG because it's gonna be hot this afternoon and I haven't addressed the A/C in the Buick yet. So, I finally get on the road and they are paving my main route out of town! Detour... stuck behind a dump truck going 5-10 mph down the middle of the very small residential detour, not letting anybody by.

Good thing I have an understanding and flexible boss. I was almost an hour late to work today!


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