So I decided to go car shopping tonight. I decided to look at several different cars, and I think I found the one. First I looked at the zr1.

Damn nice car, had headers and some more exhaust work. The issues I had was the interior was absolute shit, and it had no technology. I'm still considering it, but I want a car I can drive, and I don't think it's for me. Next I looked at the z06.

Again, extremely nice car and a better interior. But I would have to store it 4 months a year, and that's not for me. For about 100k, that opens up several other options (most notably an Aston Martin gt).


Last choice: Wildcard.


I saw a Subaru dealer while driving between the zr1 dealer and the z06. Stopped in to look if they had and 15 wrx or stis in. They only stated they had two wrxs in, no stis. Till I noticed this baby in the shop. Fresh delivery, they just got it today. Salesman didn't even know they had it. Man do I like this. Plus would be I can justify only getting rid of my Saabaru for it. I almost bought it if it wasn't for a slight guilt I feel for buying this as an beater car. My hearts torn on if I should get the sti or not. But the sti looks so good, hrrrrrrnggggggghhhh.