If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Good day.

I was emailed my grades: I passed! Which is good enough given it’s a course with a 70% fail rate. 

One of my professors forgot to send me my grades and she’s kept enough grades away from me so that I can’t even know if I passed the course, so I remain in a sort of... Schrödinger’s cat situation. Where I’m simultaneously failed and passed when it comes to circuits... Which reminds me of Mexico City’s Metro. What the fuck is it anyway?


I mean, it has those big ass, pneumatic tires, so it’s a bus, but it’s also got rails so, it’s a train? Whatever it is NEVER NEVER take line two. I mean, pretty much every east-west line is shit except the twelfth.... but still don’t take line two (or any line on a Friday) unless you want to become a meme.

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