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Long-overdue update

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I ended up acquiring that thing from a few weeks ago. $500 for this fantastic performance machine with a paltry quarter million miles!


Truthfully, it’s pretty good. Very solid with only minor dings. The paint isn’t awful, and it seems to run quite well until it doesn’t. The fuel pump is rather noisy and after pulling a short data log, it’s running EXTREMELY lean, so it should run fine after a new fuel pump and filter. The interior is gross, but should clean up nicely with some elbow grease and parts from the Pick-N-Pull. I’ve managed to Clorox/air it out enough that the cigarette stink has overcome the mold smell, so that’s something.

I may end up skipping the Gambler route with it and just dive right into the engine swapping/making it fast. If the Gambler actually happens (apparently there’s some sort of bug going around and people are cancelling events? maybe you’ve heard...) I’ll just take my Jeep, I suppose.


The plan: LQ4, an undetermined cam, 243 heads, 4L80, 3800 stall converter, narrowed explorer 8.8 with Trac Lock and 4.10s, 150-ish shot of nitrous.

Parts acquired thus far: 4L80, 243 heads and a gross Blazer. C’mon stimulus check!

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