Long overdue update on the Project Touring Civic

Well.. It’s been a while, and this is long overdue. So let me cut to the chase... ENGINES.


I got a free b20 long block with ‘worn out rings’. I’ll refresh all the internals, slap on a fresh b16 head I just bought, and of course, gotta find a transmission to run. Something along the lines of this will be the result:

Getting a full GSR swap that hasn’t been abused to hell and back is tricky and expensive, so this will do. The long stroke from the B20 and the high flowing head from the B16 is a killer combination. The engine will be built up with forged pistons and rods (‘cause why not?!)

Parts car is just a a shell of its former self, now disposed of. It’s been cooped up at the old house all month, and finally is out of there, engine up for sale.

Sayonara! Adios! Bye!

Paying for this project on a paycheck by paycheck basis is a never ending supply of fun and anxiety. you never know what you’ll find next week. I picked up a recently rebuilt head and all the hardware to convert to VTEC. The clutch on the PTC is so bad at this point, highway driving is next to impossible. so I took the TDI for this trip to pick up the goods.


I’ve also been working on the placement of the infotainment system. It’s a Lenovo tablet KanataSZ gave me, fits more like a mitt than a glove, I need some plastic or whatever to make it sit like it belongs where it does.


Do not fret, there’s still plenty to do. and Ive been busy in all ways imaginable at the moment.

Until the next.


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