Went digging for info on our former neighbor finally. I've been curious for a long time but never did any looking. What I found is that he has a decent sized online footprint, but all the places he's mentioned haven't been touched since 2011. Except for his twitter account which appears to have been hacked. It's like he dropped off the face of the earth. (I did find his daughter who used to be a pretty good friend. Haven't seen her in like 7 years. Wow. That's all I'm saying) What we heard from his foreman is that he took his normal trip to some island for the winter in 2011 and when he came back he apparently decided to move out west and start over. He had the foreman sell stuff off and appears to have just left the house. (I think he had had some tax trouble earlier in the year from what I heard as well)

The strange thing is that the house isn't on any foreclosure lists that I can find. It's been about the same amount of time as when our other neighbors left and let their house get foreclosed on. It was for sale for awhile before it sold a couple months ago. It's weird. I really would like the property. It's about 11-12 acres, has a pond, two houses, (he bought a property next to his.) a detached 2-car garage with one of the houses, a 2-vehicle pole barn, a conex box, mini barn, collapsing barn, and a greenhouse frame. It needs some cleaning up but it's pretty damned cool.

Also the main house has a staircase with a super cool set of cabinets and drawers built into it.