Long-shot, does anyone here ride a GenZe 2.0?

Is it green? Yes. Very. (It does come in other colors, though, but I’d buy that one.) Image shamelessly stolen from Motorcycle.com, as the watermark says.

So, I’ve posted before about the lack of battery-swappable electric scooters here in the US, and in that article, mentioned the GenZe 2.0 as one of the battery-swappable scooters that is targeted at the 50 cc or moped class (which can be operated without a motorcycle license) - 30 mph limit for many states in the US.


While Ohio’s closest equivalent to a moped class is utterly useless (20 mph, 1 hp max, 50 cc max, must have pedals... but has far more restrictions than a bicycle, and can’t use any bicycle infrastructure), meaning that this vehicle requires a full motorcycle endorsement or license... I’ve got one of those, so that’s a non-issue. (It would be nice if the top speed were raised, though, for those of us with motorcycle licenses.)

I’ve been interested in electrified transportation for a while, both as a way to reduce the environmental impact of my transportation, as well as due to the qualities of electric power delivery. However, I live in an apartment, and I doubt I could get anything plugged in. Had I loved the Gen 2 Chevy Volt that I test drove, I’d have tried to get an exterior outlet installed, but I disliked it, and there wasn’t any other compelling PHEV product on the market at the time. Instead, I bought a Gen 4 Prius, which I quite like (and I got over 60 miles per gallon driving it into work this morning)... but it’s still ultimately a gasoline-fueled vehicle, even if it uses electrification to use that fuel more efficiently.

Battery swapping would be an effective way to get around the charging issue, though. While it’s utterly impractical for cars (and the Estrima Birò isn’t a real car, isn’t available in the US, and if it were, would be limited to 25 mph, not even the 30 that moped-class scooters are allowed to go in most states), scooters have significantly lower energy usage than cars, due to the light weight, low speeds, and low frontal area (although they have a much higher drag coefficient than cars), making a human-portable battery far more practical.


So, what I’m curious about is... does anyone here own a GenZe 2.0? What’s it like to live with?

I’ve read a few reviews of the actual riding impressions, but that’s riding it for a day, or maybe a week. That’s not owning the thing for months - you get a feel for how it performs, but minor annoyances don’t have a chance to grow on you. You don’t find out about any problems that they have. You don’t get an idea of how to get the most out of it. You don’t get past the initial rush of novelty, and find out how much you really ride the thing.

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