Right, then...

After a couple of delays, I finally did my long cross country- >150nm, one stop >50nm as the crow flies, and three takeoffs amd landings. So, today I left Palo Alto for the exotic locales of Modesto, Los Banos and San Martin. All in all, uneventful, save for a couple of times I sort of had to circle back to get my approach right, as I realized I was too high and too close (airports are surprisingly hard to find from the air-this even with GPS). There were also a couple of go arounds because the landing conditions weren’t right, but that’s about it.


Up until today, i would have said I have a good 20 hours to go before I’m ready for my check ride...now I have this suspicion s a lot sooner than that. Save for some tune up and prep work, I’m nearly done with the FAA requirements.

Mother of god...

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