Holy crap, it’s amazing to have a car that just works!

The G35's been treating me great. Very low oil consumption, great performance. I’m used to American V8s so I keep short-shifting at around 5k on on-ramps because I’m not used to having another 1500 rpm to play with. The stereo is still awesome, and I’ve already started on a few minor tweaks (350Z Y-pipe, tail-as-turn modules, etc). It’s currently got a set of X-ice Xi2s mounted on its factory alloys, so I’m looking into getting a summer set of used wheels imported from Japan (VS-KFs, Vertec VR-5 Pinsos, Cerberus IIs, Bazreias or something else?) as they’re cheaper than I thought.


Schoolwise, it’s finals season! More or less a week of exams and then a few days off. I’m guessing that the usual “work hard for good results” still applies in college, so there’s my game plan.

I’ll probably live in Ontario for the summer! That of course means becoming a permanent Ontario resident, although that process seems easier than I expected. While I was visiting my folks in BC I caught myself saying “I’m tired and I just want to go home” on a couple of occasions. I’m guessing that’s a sign.

On a more personal note, I’ve finally managed to accept my gluten allergy, and I’ve been feeling much better over the past few months. I’m planning on picking up a set of freeweights by next month, just because the school gym’s hours aren’t always ideal for me. Also, I’m almost done my first semester and I still haven’t consumed any caffeine! Set your goals, etc.

But yeah, that’s a better look at how the past few months have been. How’s everyone else been keeping? Any plans/goals for the new year?