Hey Oppo, I haven’t posted in a while, so I figured I’d share some happenings. Unfortunately there won’t be a part 2 to the adventures of the $300 Lincoln. Did some minor engine work, but got burnt out on turning wrenches around X-mas. When i went to get back to the suspension in March, no start. I had it running much better before but that was when I decided to move on. Posted it for sale for $200, and ended up selling it to a guy who is planning to use everything for his Mustang II. Said guy gave me an extra $100 to disconnect the driveline (4 bolts) and remove the front bumper cover so he could install a tow bar. Here she is, ready to donate her heart and more:

All in all, satisfied with the turnout. Managed to break even minus a few misc parts, and time cleaning, but also gained a few misc parts, tools, audio equipment (6x9s, and a newish head unit that isn’t totally obnoxious. Was about to pony up for a new one anyway so woohoo!), and of course, some more of that sweet experience.


In other news, the Jaguar is in storage and not for sale, for reasons, and the 635 is due for some driveline work. I also bought another car. More on that later perhaps.

Pupper is also growing and finding new ways to get in trouble. We have deduced that she is likely a miniature greyhound, and husky mix predominantly. An interesting combination.

All in all, not a bad couple of months.

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