I’ve been on oppo very rarely in the last 2 months, and my last post is about tearing the bel air engine appart. Since then, a lot happened, so here’s an update:

-I got a new job, which means less project time, but more project money.

-In between jobs, I had 6 weeks, which I spent working on my cars, doing nothing, helping out my dad, but also: a trip to Cuba (photos coming soon).


-I ordered all the engine parts I need for the bel air, took the engine to a shop to bore the cylindres, and will get it this morning (I’ll detail the rebuild).

-I took out the engine of my second pajero parts car, disassembled it, ordered some parts, and will hopefully get it done by the end of the weekend (update soon).

-I sold the RX-8, which I first denied, made me angry, I tried to bargain, left me depressed. I have kind of accepted it now.

-The Audi left me stranded on the way to work, due to a clogged dpf. My dad cut it open and pressure washed the shit out of it (yeah redneck repairs) welded it, installed it. Now it works better than ever.


-I made an action plan for the weekends until april. Since I have so many things to do, I never knew where to start. This helps me focus on what’s to do, and it motivates me to not stay inside to play video games. I definitely recommend it!

That’s all folks, I’m on my way to go get this sweet reworked inline 6.

[edit: wanted to edit of a comment I wrote, I’m bad at computers]

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