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How did I not hear about this! Looks like Ewan and Charlie are back, riding up through South America on modified Harley Davidson Livewires and possibly with Rivian pickup trucks in support.

Note Claudio in the background too :)

There’s nothing official announced yet but they have a blank “watch this space” FB page and given the kit spotted in Argentina it sure looks like it’s happening. Maybe they’re trying to tread lightly so as to avoid getting mobbed.


Seriously Jalopnik, that I had to learn about this from a “the drive” sponsored ad in my Facebook crawl speaks poorly to your coverage of unconfirmed rumor and speculation...

Apologies to anyone who may already have posted on this but I’m a bit squee today!

UPDATE: digging through social media I looks like the gang were together at the Christopher Robin premiere last year and apparently planning something.


EDIT2: Looks like Jimmy Simac is with them too, los of nods and winks in his IG comments and hashtags


Also H/T to Dave’s addiction for digging up some more info.


Its a far cry from the first trip when BMW setup a website to track their location as they rode around the world.

Now I’m wondering which way up they’ll go? west coast mountains seems too direct and I feel like riding through Amazonia would be a thing to do but then you’ve got to go through Venezuela which would ill advised even if you weren’t riding hyper American electric vehicles... Also TIL that Google maps says you can’t drive into Panama from the south, there are literally no roads.



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