Memorial Day weekend is upon us! After the Alfa’s mostly successful track day (something rattling underneath, I suspect exhaust) that I will probably do a full write up on later, I decided to take today (Friday) off as well, to round it out into 5-day weekend. Also so I could get absolutely hammered have a responsible number of adult drinks after track day. This means I have all weekend to do car stuff!


I’m going to fix the exhaust and then ignore the princess for the most part. I might remove part of the rear passenger compartment in search of grounds. My voltage meter and wipers are still acting a fool and I learned yesterday there is (allegedly) a 2nd ECU hidden underneath some carpet...


Disco needs suspension work. Specifically it needs shocks and front anti-roll bar links. I went ahead and splurged for the dis-connectable front links because Land Rover.


Like the Alfa, the Disco also has a weird rattle coming from underneath. I’m hoping it is just my hopelessly shot shocks and sway bar links but I’ll be on the look out when I’m under there.

Also the ABS sensors need to be cleaned because, again, Land Rover.



Fuel pumps. Both of them. Forever. So tired of this shit...



“Whaaaaaat? I thought the Volvo was the good child!” You may say, and you are right to.

Ok... long story, but I bought some bolt-on go-faster stuff for the Volvo and I am maybe going to put it on this weekend.



Happy Doggo for your time.


What are you guys (and gals) up to this weekend?