got home in time for free practice this morning then had a nap and woke up just in time to have a coffee and meet me daughters new boyfriend and promptly refuse him admission in to my house

dis my daughter right now


its her own fault tho... told her if she was gonna bring him do it next week as this week the house is a tip and the missus is sick and asleep on the sofa.. entry was never happening.... (dude seems alright tho... was half expecting another headcase)

anyhoo.. having pissed off a teenager ive accomplished my plan for the friday... soo.. time for a couple beers and getting meself exited for saturday

wich involves getting up to early for the f1 and then wandering over to the track to go watch some souped up beetles run and attempt to find the dirtiest trackside burger i can and possible die from it hooray


assuming i survive saturday... sunday will be much the same... cept ill get up even earlier for the f1 (unless i pull an allnighter and go for a nap after the f1)

also.. i bet theres a pokestop or gym at the track

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