Sorry, but I have to get this rant off my chest:

I was on my way home from work today when i pulled up to the last traffic light in the city before i hit a few open roads. Usually at this point, I get a glorious few moments to feed in some throttle before waiting in more soul-sucking traffic.

Today however, I was at the light in the right-hand lane behind a 2012 Civic SI, who was 1st in line, with traffic in the left.

Before the light changed, the Civic started doing the preemptive 'ricer roll', and when the light changed, he took off, and jumped into the left lane in front of the traffic that didn't storm off the line like an asshat. My first thought was that this guy liked to do the same thing I do when catching this light.

So, now that I had my open road back, I got on it a bit as well, but not much, as my off-ramp isn't far past the light. As my turn approached, the civic, which was still (barely) ahead of me, engine screaming, flipped on his 4 way flashers as if he had just won a race (and wanted to be a dick, I might add).


Really dude?! You can't run the light IN FRONT of the person you're "racing", and then claim a victory, especially against someone who didn't know we were racing in the first place!

Sorry, but some people shouldn't even be allowed to own cars. Have an LFA for your time.o