That’s 24oz of 8.0% abv beer for $0.99. Very surprisingly, it’s isn’t godawful. I mean, it’s on par with the Beast/Natty Ice, so judge accordingly. If this was around when I was 19-22 I’m glad I didn’t find it. (Ahem, don’t drink underage kids, I’m not a role model)

I did some yardwork this evening so I decided to grab some High Life to celebrate and saw this giant can for 99c. I couldn’t NOT buy it. I expected the worst. Now I’m about halfway through and glad I waited until I was done working to crack this bad boy open.

It’s better than it has any right to be at the price point. I’ll probably add an addendum in the morning, but the same could be said with the macro ices.

If bang for your buck is your ONLY concern, I think I found your beer. It knows what it is and does it well...ish. 4/10.